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I hate titles.

Why do we have to assign titles to a photograph?

Not just here, but anywhere.


Give a context from which a visual has a place to exist?


Well, that was fun.


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An insightful man or or an experienced man

Do you see life or do you live life

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Hanging out with the dog.


With an i phone.

Could have been so much better with a 5D.


It is what it is.

Actually, this is what it’s supposed to be. You’re in the moment – hanging out – you see an image – you take it.

I’ll forever remember playing with the dog.

With this image.

Who gives a shit what camera you’re using.

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This could be anyone’s Yellowstone National Park honeymoon photo from the early 1950s, but it just so happens to be the Robert G. Loewenthal-JoAnn Mundorff honeymoon photo- my Mom and Dad.

So cute. So happy.

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Seems that back in the 1940’s, or so, when you sent in your film to be developed into slides at the Ansco Color Film Slides Company they sent you professional color slides from the Wesco Color collection.

Seems to me, they were kind of saying, “You Suck.”

Nah, more like, “Get out there and explore. Take more photos. Send us more of your money.”

Here’s C26 Crater Lake (Printed on the holder that holds the slide)

“Situated in the Oregon on the crest of the Cascade Mountains. The vast crater is filled with clear, spring water to the depth of 2,001 feet, and the walls of the crater rise above from 500 to 2,000 feet.”

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

And…C28 Gold Gate Bridge.

“Delicate as a spider web seems the colossal crossing men wove over Golden Gate. The center span of about four-fifths of a mile is held some 250 feet above the restless tides by two enormous cables each made up of more then 25,000 strands. Uncle Sam’s heavy cruisers, inbound, pass beneath our massive Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Pretty damn close to the original slides.

Thanks to my late great Uncle McElligott for his Cigar Box full of vintage photographs. Love you Man.

Steven Loewenthal

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My Son’s Blog

One hell of good writer. And dammit, I really like his photography.

I reserve that opinion for so few.

Keep an eye on this one.


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