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Seems our squirrels exhibit some table manners, carefully sorting the shelled nuts. My Doberman, Brutus, is not amused by such shenanigans.



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My Brrtus reminds each and every day.


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He is so peaceful sleeping next to me tonight. But it belies the speed at which he he lives our daily life.


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Dog sat long enough for this photo session for a Christmas card photo. Got me thinking about what it took to get him to stay and have such a great smile.

My wife and I work all day, so night time is play time with the dog.┬áPlay, chasing a ball and training is my game. About 3 hours worth. In the end, he’s quite calm and ready for any photo-shoot. Such is this photo.

So…Crunching the numbers on the fetch part that tires him out:

He’s 3 years old

Likes to fetch about 30 times a night

Average of 300 times a year


He’s fetched a ball, so far – 27,000 times over the course of his life!

Or 9,000 fetches a year.

Runs about 300 feet each time,

So, that’s about 510 miles a year. Or 1.7 miles a day.

That’s crazy!


So that means that I’ve thrown a ball 27,000 times over the past thee years and 9,000 times each year?


That is really crazy, when you think about it.





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I just want to chill. That’s what I find I want more in life.

To just…chill.


Funny, though.

He’s the guy that keeps me from being chill.

Some day, though, I know I will miss the day when I will to want to just chill and he won’t be there.

So, I just got to chill.

And here’s the guy who got the guy to chill.

http://loewenthal.me/ photo credit

Kind of chill fest, I wish.

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There is nothing better than hanging out with your dog on the back porch, watching a thunderstorm rollin’ in, and he just chills watching the light show, and doesn’t care about the thunder.
Dog after my own heart.

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Dog wins. Sometime during play with his ball, TV takes a hit. This is one expensive photo – but cool, nonetheless. Hmm…might take a few more whacks at the screen to see what plays out. Life gives you lemons…


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