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Smoking a cig on the front porch.

It’s cold and snow is all about.

The hum in the distance from 295. 

Snow blower tracks, I see in my driveway and across the street.

Shoveling and clearing is complete.

So quiet now except for the drone of the highway.

Thoughts turn to those have past.

How mundane what I see. How profound what I feel.

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The Paris I Love

My visit about 10 years ago was magical.

   Carousel Horse is as pissed off as I am.  This madness must be stopped.

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My Brrtus reminds each and every day.


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The overly iPhone edited to show b&w depth

And the gratuitous flowers.

Wait. I kind of like that.

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The price to pay for playing in the sun for so many years.

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Boston Museum of Fine Art.
Goof’n, chill’n, and really just having a great time talking about art with my boy.
Pub, food and beers afterwards.
Back to his place.
Sprang this puzzle of one his favorite paintings.
Together putting it together.

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