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Don’t you just love it when a photographer with such an enormous ego takes it upon themselves to school a former “subcontractor employee” about the merits of whether an IPhone is a valid camera? I broke ties with this guy about three years ago and never looked back. Yet, here he is trolling my blog with this shit – as if I care what he thinks. And, this is his business blog for his photography studio. That’s real smart.

Here’s his comment:


And here’s the post on my blog that he was commenting upon:


Had the asshole read all the way through the post, I admitted my 5D would have made a better photo, but the IPhone was at hand for the moment.

Love the “Sorry my dearly departed friend” part in the intro. Real nice.

Some people just need to move on with life – or get over themselves. Actually, both.


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Light is fire. Fire is light.


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Sprouts in the lawn. One guy laying down.


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