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My daughter’s photo – not bad. Learning how to chill after working hard at a nursing home. A true Angel.



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Dog wins. Sometime during play with his ball, TV takes a hit. This is one expensive photo – but cool, nonetheless. Hmm…might take a few more whacks at the screen to see what plays out. Life gives you lemons…


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Woo-hoo! In less than 5 years Helen and I can purchase an entree and get a second one of equal or lesser value for free! 3-6 pm. Getting older sucks but does have its’ perks. Ihop breakfast was actually very good. Great service, as well.


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Visited my dad yesterday. Passed away on the Fourth 6 years ago. 30 years in the US Navy, submarine warfare during the Cold War. One hell of a guy.


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Used an old Nikon tilt-shift lens to isolate.

Old – Isolate – Interesting use of words.

Given digital – though there’s nothing wrong with that.

Just – Perspective.


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I hate titles.

Why do we have to assign titles to a photograph?

Not just here, but anywhere.


Give a context from which a visual has a place to exist?


Well, that was fun.

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An insightful man or or an experienced man

Do you see life or do you live life

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