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Newport Officers Club on Monday. We were walking the beach. Decided to cross along the front to look at the boats. What? Must have been one hell of a party.



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“Hey, what do want to do tonight?” “i don’t know…” “Want to get a pizza?” “I guess.” “Deep dish or…”

Saint Mary’s Church in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Married there 25 years ago. Visited with my wife and mother to say hello to my father, who is buried there. He served in the Navy submarine force for 30 years and quite fittingly died on July 4th.

He would definitely had a laugh at this post.


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Hanging out with the dog.


With an i phone.

Could have been so much better with a 5D.


It is what it is.

Actually, this is what it’s supposed to be. You’re in the moment – hanging out – you see an image – you take it.

I’ll forever remember playing with the dog.

With this image.

Who gives a shit what camera you’re using.

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