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Dinner was good. Time to see the sights.


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Time for dinner,  let’s meet our maître d’.

This guy was off the wall. So much fun to talk to.

He and David had such a laugh.

Our waitress. So sweet.

And the owner. What a wonderful woman.

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Nice glass of wine.

Time to pay the tab. Then off to dinner.

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1846 was a good year for a beer.


Yes! Yes it was!

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Welcome to Day 4! In a couple of days we’ll venture out after cocktails and food and see what David found on the Cape. But for now, let’s hang out at the bar.

Another pic of our bartender.

I’ll have a Bud, please.


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A little bit of background on this series: My brother David and I hung out on the Cape a couple of years ago. It was a blast to just get away from the day-to-day and hang out. What was so cool were the people we met and the scenes that open up to the mind when you have no pressures and demands of the daily grind.

And our bartender.

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