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This is a first for me to post a link rather than posting an image of mine on my blog, but what a link.

An interactive portfolio of portraits by Platon of world leaders, with commentary by the photographer. Enjoy the power of the portraits and power of the photographer’s words. I know I did.



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Strollin’ along with my bro at the top of the Cape.


Amazing that someone else appreciates what I see.


Thanks, Dave.

Steven Loewenthal

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Early 1940s

Great Uncle McElligott was quite the man. Here are a few of his slides from the early 1940s, including the postage to Kodak.



Here’s a windmill photo around a watering hole for cattle. Don’t know if you can see the lettering who made the windmill, but it refers to the company, http://www.aermotorwindmills.com/


And a parade in Gordon, Nebraska, featuring a John Deere Tractor, with a backdrop of Keller’s Saveway and Lee Stores 5 and 10.



Steven Loewenthal

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Drops on the bar, noticed while hanging out and catching up with my brother earlier this year.


Steven Loewenthal

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Land, Sea, Air

A mixture of land, sea and air. Interesting how the three inner-mix along the shoreline.

 Land Sea Air

Steven Loewenthal

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