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One hell of a guy. Can’t even begin to tell you about the adventures he had on the high seas – And so great at home with his family – Sorely missed – Wish I could write more, but to me, the photo says it all.

Capt. Robert G. Loewenthal U.S.N. Ret.


Steven Loewenthal


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A moment in time, one frame at a time, isolated from time, choose your speed…


Or this….

Throw Series

You decide.

Steven Loewenthal

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From my archives:

I remember this photo, fondly. The Extreme Games were coming to Providence in 1995. A local Cranston man was competing – and I was the editor of a local newspaper.  Somehow our paths crossed. And the story began.

We talked a few times about his competition, and how best to show the skills he possessed.

This shot,  I took on College Hill Road in Providence – the route of the upcoming competition – at about 3 am.

I remember thinking, “How cool it would be to see sparks as he shot down the steep hill,” hence, the sparklers. He really liked the idea and made a couple of passes, including this one.

This was before the age of digital, so I had no idea if all this guys’ hard work and risk would come out on film until weeks later. I’m so glad it did, then and now.

I don’t remember the name of this guy (wish I did), but I do remember his enthusiasm, determination, and well –  he was just one hell of a great guy. He was so positive in his attitude – a real competitor.

If  you know this guy, you should be proud that you do.

If you are this guy, give me a shout.

 Arc of Sparks

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