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Hanging out in the backyard near dusk.  The sky is mikly-white from the current weather pattern.

Looking up above the wave of the roof ‘s edge over the back porch, I spy the maple leaves reaching to the sky .

Yet, they are pointing down below.


Steven Loewenthal


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…there is fire.

Back story: Lights went out one breeze-less summer night. We lit one one those torches out back. A few clicks into the photoshoot, I noticed the flames began to dance. Here’s one from the playbill of the night.

I don' know anymore

Steven Loewenthal

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One of my favorites of my smoke series. Easy on the eyes. Whispy to the touch. Cool with the color.

Smoke and MirrorsSteven Loewenthal

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Dockside at the end of the day. Boats are being pulled all around on the ramp.

Nearby, a charter captain cleans the catch of the day for his manly clients.

In the background this little guy waits his turn – having seen this all before.



Steven Loewenthal

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Random Thoughts

Pencil and Pen in hand. Post-It-Note. Stapler off to the side.  And a crappy scan.

Here are some random thoughts.


Steven Loewenthal

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9 to 5

9 to 5 I’m with everyone else.  After 5 I’m with my myself.

Steven Loewenthal

Days End

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A bit off topic for me – but not really, for those who know me.

I love diving into the world of those I find around me. Finding bits and pieces of what they show us – a look into who they are – occasionally (I love that word, occasionally) taking those bits and making it into mine own.

Searching around Word Press I found Barry http://barry.wordpress.com/

As obscure as this is (and possibly hazardous to my Word Press health) this is my take.


Steven Loewenthal

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