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Here we are among the greats – Monet, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol…oh my, I can’t even think about the list

Here we are in the stairway – Helen talking to Amanda on the phone, while we are away from the rest

Here we have colors of a new exhibit

I see green on the wall – I see green on the purse

I see the two most important women on my life



Steven Loewenthal


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I must  confess- I am bothered deeply that I am posting photos that are several years old – from a time when my thoughts were different than from the present.

I’m proud of these photos – they will always speak to me –  but they don’t represent who I am today. They are from a part of me – but from yesterday.

It frustrates me. It infuriates me. It confuses me.

It frustrates me because the feelings of the impetus of the photograph have faded over time.

It infuriates me because of the previous sentence.

It confuses me because I don’t like how life marches on  and can become so muddled.

It feels like I’m floating through life.

Steven Loewenthal

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Pure Fun


Earlier today, one of the salesmen was helping out in the office and I overheard him telling the story of the “brass ring” to the younger staff.

There was this wooden arm contraption, he said, that, as a rider passed by would try to grab a ring.  All of the rings, but one every-once-in-awhile, were silver in color. It was the lucky rider who snagged a brass ring that came out on top, if you will.

Then he talked about how the rider would then try to  fling  the brass ring it into…then I lost the conversation. A few seconds later, a few chimed in about various carrousels they remember here in Rhode Island.

…I think we all want to be kids, spinning around on the carrousel, reaching for the brass ring, but can we really admit it?

…Do we really get so caught up in the seriousness of life that we forget to have fun?

Pretentious questions, perhaps, but I remember taking this photograph back in 1992 of my son. It was so much fun back then and brings so much fun, to me, today.

We should all have to much fun, daily.

Steven Loewenthal

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Snow Flake


Floating around – or riding the wave.

Original flake – or one among the millions.

Dave…it’s your turn.

(March 1, 2005) As winter hangs on here, I thought, “I better make the best of it.” Snow flakes tonight were large at times. Wondered if I could capture one on the way down. Took about a 1,000 shots to get this. (I’m sure my neighbors were wondering why the sky was “flashing” tonight.)

(On another site, some ass questioned whether it was  a waste to take so many photographs and wear out my flash and camera for this capture. I say, hell no. The camera and flash are doing quite well, four years later. I realize now, what a closed mind, so many have. You see it, you take it, you show it, be damned to the rest.)

Technical aspects: used a Metz 45CL 4 flash set on W (winder) and a Quantum Turbo battery set to fast recycle. Flash kept up with frames-per-second-burst of the camera. Changed the focus and zoom on the lens throughout the session to see what worked best. Bottom line, it came up to luck, I think.

Steven Loewenthal

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details4I’ve been fascinated with the moths that have been gathering around the back porch light.

Asked this little guy if he wanted to have his picture taken. He took a ride in on my finger. Stayed, I guess because of the warmth and light inside the house.

I let him go back outside few minutes later.

(Lighting setup – Desk lamp from above and slide viewer table below, to add some more light.)

Thanks for viewing.

Steven Loewenthal

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Goodbye Winter


(From Jan. 2005) We had some really fluffy snow tonight and I loved how the crystals looked. Began wondering how can I photograph them. Used a piece of glass, 4×5 from a photo frame and left it outside to get cold. Caught a few snow flakes and liked how they looked.

Took one of my old, old lenses and revsered it on my Canon 10D using electrical tape to hold it in place. Not a bad macro lens, afterall. Set up a tripod outside and used a porch light to backlight the glass and snow flakes. Wasn’t too happy with the initial results. A bit too blurry and a bit too backlit.

My daughter comes out and asks what I’m doing (She knows the answer (dad being wierd)) but really likes what’s going on. It is a beautiful snowfall night, she says. I hand her a flashlight to help fill in the lighting. She sees a couple of previews and is psyched.

Out of several quick attempts this cold night, this one, we are humble to say, is the one we like best.

Steven Loewenthal

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Goodbye Old Friend


Goodbye Old Friend.

I will miss my analog Samsung Black and White, 12-inch TV, with UHF and VHF antenna.

You kept me company with Nascar, football and baseball while grilling out near the garage, over those so many years. You sat at the ready in that crappy garage for so many years.

We even made a trip up to a Pat’s game – you…tethered to a battery back…while we all, well, tailgated. You performed well to show the other NFL games while we partied, well, so well.

Many years have passed – perhaps half a dozen since I’ve turned you on.

But tonight you came alive.

That is…until…the stroke of midnight (actually 11:58) on some channels – and you went to snow.

Goodbye old Friend.

Steven Loewenthal

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